martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Unleashing Your Brilliance: Descubre tus Virtudes!!!!

Walsh Seminars is dedicated to personal growth - or as we like to call it, personal enrichment. We do this through self-improvement articles, books, audio, video, teleclasses, and workshops. The topics include accelerated learning, communication strategies, sales techniques, presentation skills, stress management, and self-hypnosis training.

When we studied people's needs, we began designing self-help guided self-hypnosis audio CDs. Originally, we focused on the challenges people face with change. This resulted in our popular CD, Expanding Your Horizons. Then we concentrated on how people interact with others and developed, Synergistic Relationships. These two were followed by, A Sound Night's Sleep and Taming Tension.

In collaboration with Medical Exercise Specialist Astrid Whiting, we created, Achieve Your Vibrant Healthy Body. Next, we addressed the reality that many people who take the initiative to help themselves, are later distracted in their efforts and their original intention. We call this, "shelf-help" and our answer was The Personal Growth Activator. We then consulted with the President of the Professional Organizers of Canada, Linda Chu and produced Ending Procrastination.

Unleashing Your BrillianceThe bestseller, "Unleashing Your Brilliance"

covers the wide field of accelerated learning.

It has a broader coverage than most books

on the subject. The foreword was written by

the star of The Secret - Bob Proctor.

To supplement all of the above, we have three videos. "Enriched Learning" is a 90-minute version of my workshop. It covers about 60% of what is contained in the book. "Beliefs & Behaviors" deals with how we are programmed as youngsters with patterns that last a lifetime. "Rewire Your Brain" takes people through three stages to achieve goals.

Recently released is Accelerated Healing. This is designed to help anyone with any ailment from a cold to cancer. It is based on the premises that stress is associated with over 80% of illness and pain, and that the body heals itself. Our hypnosis will simply be a catalyst.

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