viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Felix Toran: Consigue lo que te propones

You Want to Achieve Anything Imaginable?

What is it exactly that allows success and happiness for some, while leaving others with nothing more than a bleak outlook on life and life’s future path? Is it our chemical makeup? Is it our born-in culture or surroundings? Of course there isn’t one specific answer, and the truth of the matter is, it’s a non-issue. No matter the set of prescribed circumstances, those who experience fruition and contentment take advantage of the opportunities to better their lives. What are you waiting for?

Dr. Felix Toran, holds a Doctorate in Engineering, has authored over 100 publications, is the recipient of several international scientific prizes, and is now passing on his knowledge through, "The Answer of the Universe, Creating An Ideal Life Using the Law of Attraction." This book, unlike any other, goes into great detail and describes how the power of thought and optimism can cultivate your life into what you always dreamed it would be. The process starts with you visualizing an ideal life. The universe then responds, and you are moved to take action, clearing mental resistance on the way to realizing your dreams.

Yes, this is another presentation of words on pages aimed at changing your life; but there is a major difference. The Answer of the Universe, not only tells you what you need to do to achieve lifelong happiness, but it motivates you to do so. There are a lot of good authors out there that can show and tell you about the “secret” to achieving success and happiness in all you do. But their persuasions fall well short of moving you to action, leaving implementation by the wayside, and you back at square one.

This is where Dr. Toran’s years of experience and expertise comes in. He has devoted the better part of his own life to improving lives of anyone he comes in contact with. The beauty of the situation is that now you have direct access to information on exactly how you can take control of your destiny. The only thing required of you is that you invest considerable time and effort into understanding and accepting the teachings that have already helped thousands.

The Answer of the Universe, will guide you through the process of translating your thoughts into action and will give you the tools to create and manage your desired reality; concrete, substantial tools and techniques that are practical in their use and aren’t rooted in magic or obscurity. No outer-world regimen to follow, or prescribed supernatural pills or potions to supplement. Through creative visualization and meditation, you will learn how to maximize the Law of Attraction for your optimal results.

This is a sensible approach with clear examples, manageable exercises and relative, applicable explanations. From day one, you will be allowed to implement your new found knowledge. While the complete process varies between users, there is no predefined waiting period; you may even see your life begin to change immediately.

Like most processes that begin in the mind, Dr. Toran’s teachings aren’t physical goods you can just run out and purchase, per se. You will however see tangible, observable benefits represented by your wants and desires becoming part of the life you’ve always wanted; all from thinking about what you want, letting the universe respond, and putting yourself into action.

Again, this is not a new phenomenon or a flash in the pan, fly by night technique that results in nothing more than frustration and wasted time. The Answer of the Universe, is your answer to the many questions you have regarding success, happiness and goal achievement, and will create opportunities of great proportion.

It will surely change your life, if you let it. Start visioning a brighter and better life for you and your love ones.

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