lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Paul Babiak: Los Psicópatas

Who Succeeds?

The rate of technological change has been rapid since the turn of the twentieth century and is growing exponentially every minute. You need only consider how outdated your new computer is barely one month after you take it out of the box. Or the fact that the length of time between the Wright brothers’ lifting off at Kitty Hawk and Neil Armstrong’s first step onto the moon was only sixty-six years—barely one lifetime!
When business or industry upheaval overtakes the organization’s ability to respond effectively, a state of chaos is created.
Few of us are ready to handle chaotic change effectively, and evolution has not been very helpful, moving at its own slow pace. When thrust into chaotically changing situations, we experience intense feelings of frustration, stress, loss of control, and anxiety.
The leader’s job becomes increasingly complex but far less well defined during these times of change—itself a frustrating thing. Traditional strategic planning, organizing, and motivating skills are of limited use.
While a good deal of this change is perceived to be necessary for the company’s survival, can executives and managers survive as well?
In order to survive the chaos, executives must adopt constant change as a work style and lifestyle. They must become faster thinkers, more assertive and persuasive. They must become much more creative, capable of designing,
developing, building, and selling new products and services to meet ever-changing demands in a world of fierce competition and highly selective buyers. They must learn to feel comfortable making faster decisions with less information, and recover from mistakes
more quickly. They must be willing to live with the consequences, even if they risk failure. They must take control of their own careers by reassessing their talents and skills and then repackaging them for the new marketplace.
A personal, professional, private coach can help executives achieve the results they need and desire to be successful.

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