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Gael Lindenfield’s 101 Morale Boosters

Gael Lindenfield’s 101 Morale Boosters: Instant Comfort for Difficult Times
A chunky, feel-better book packed with 101 tips, advice, exercises and inspiration to keep by your bedside or in your handbag for instant comfort and confidence. Easy to read and dip into, the wisdom and advice in this book will carry you through low times and offer hope and encouragement for times to come. With the media full of doom and gloom (redundancy, unemployment and bankruptcy), this book will meet a current need – to find inner strength, courage and positivity in times of difficulty and stress. The book is for everyone going through a period of turmoil or change, whether it is financial, emotional, health or work-related. Topics include: becoming your own chief comforter; bolstering your confidence; managing your moods; energising your body; boosting your brain power; mobilizing your motivation; reinforcing your resources; strengthening your circle of support; standing up to sabotage; and maintaining your momentum.
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Gael Lindenfield’s Positive Under Pressure: How to be Calm and Effective When the Heat is on
Some people thrive on stress. We’ve all heard it said. And apparently there’s some truth in the saying. Evolutionary theories suggest that stress was beneficial to our prehistoric predecessors by equipping them with responses that maximized their survival. Stress sharpened the senses and created the adrenal energy needed to fight or take flight. Apparently these responses are controlled by our autonomic nervous systems. But while this built-in system helps us to survive, it can be set off inadvertently and inappropriately. Positive Under Pressure will help you control your “pressure thermometer” and attune your angst. As well as explaining how to recognise the signs of stress (such as poor concentration, becoming reclusive and developing nervous habits) authors Gail Lindenfield and Dr Malcolm Vandenburg will show you how to harness and utilise your stress positively.

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