miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

1 Ser Consistente: Devolver siempre una bola más

Consistency - Think Lleyton Hewitt. Think David Ferrer. Think about being the guy on the other side of the court, knowing that one more ball is coming back into play. You know your opponent is not going to miss. The rally is already 20 shots long. You know you should stay in a cross court pattern, but you have had enough. You mentally crack and pull the trigger down the line and go for a low percentage shot that you HOPE goes in - but misses. Guys like Hewitt force you to hit a shot you don't really want to hit. They know they can hit one more ball over the net than you, and they turn the point into a battle of patience and attrition. Consistency can definitely force you into making some bad decision

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